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tool score

Geoff Keyes

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I don't what this was made to do, but I'm calling it a stake plate. It's about 200 lbs of heavy I beam with holes in it. My tool shanks are either just too big, or just too small for the holes, but I figure I can build shim collars to make stuff fit. I'm also going to build a shorter stand, the one it's on is about 6 - 8 inches too tall, but for $65, I think it's a score!


Of course, we had to drive half a day to get it, in some of the worst November weather I've ever seen in June :lol: .




IMG_8496 (Medium).JPG


IMG_8498 (Medium).JPG

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"The worst day smithing is better than the best day working for someone else."


I said that.


If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.

- - -G. K. Chesterton


So, just for the record: the fact that it does work still should not be taken as definitive proof that you are not crazy.


Grant Sarver

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Very cool score and I agree with it seeming like November, it looks like somebody made a piece of a beam into part of a swage block. It already has a foot for staking down.

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I imagine one of the older blacksmiths will be able to tell us.


I would think it is a rivet making block could make some bigger spikes.

Sure enough good buy.



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That's for sure a homemade swage block. Nicely made too!

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