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"Rocky" the flying turtle

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Seems like ever since I got into doing the new style sheaths an artistic side of me has started to come out. Here's a couple pictures of my latest project made from a piece of wrought iron wagon wheel. Right now its balancing on a piece of telegraph wire I sharpened to a point. Still got the base to make and have a few ideas I'm wanting to try. This is some wagon wheel that Wayne had given me. Actually the piece of iron telegraph wire came from him also.


When I started on this project I had no final outcome. Cut a basic shape out of the wagon wheel and just started forging blindly before I saw the turtle.





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Garrett, I just started on a free standing "Gumby" out of another piece of wagon wheel. I like Gumby.......


Every one loves gumby!!!

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Very cool, lovely clean lines.

Now just put four elephants on its back and a flat disc world on their backs.... (Joke. Sorry.)

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