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Jesus Hernandez

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So, I ordered my DVD today.


I must say Jesus, this magnificent ensemble was a surprise-but not. Going back to our conversation one morning about learning-it falls neatly into place.

It is like the writer who spends years mastering the nuances of a language then applying that mastery to whatever genre he wants to create compelling stories.


That is what we all crave-compelling stories-whatever we admit it or not. Beauty can be created on a machine, beautiful stories cannot.

Great chapter in a new story Jesus.

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Wow. Just Wow. :blink:

That is a might fine display of ingenuity and craftsanship I can but stare. A treasure for both inspiration and achievement.



Not all those who wander are lost. -J.R.R. Tolkien

-Shards of the Dark Age- my blog
-Nine Worlds Workshop-
-Last Apocalypse Forge-

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Wow, Jesus! You shipped that out fast. I got the DVD today and immediately watched it. Absolutely amazing, packed with a lot of info and different techniques. Well done, Jesus!


Thanks, Jon. I am glad you liked it.

Enjoy life!

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Congrats on the fireyness!! I had applied for the "Sizzling Whiskers" status at Fire and Brimstone but haven't yet been acknowledged. I have a work on the bench that won't be shown til it's done... but just maybe I'll get the nod. I surely don't want it before I've paid my dues and earned it and then in the future who knows maybe a little fire will come my way?



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I got my DVD and started watching it last night. Thanks so much Jesus for being so generous in the detailed portrayals of your techniques. I haven't even watched the whole thing yet and I already have so many new ideas to try! Very professional work...

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Thnaks, Dan. Very insightful. I hope you enjoy the DVD.

Watching the DVD now. Made it to the shaping of the blade. No definitive review yet. But I must say-it goes very well with 12 year old Red Breast Irish whiskey. :rolleyes:

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