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The Blue Ridge Seax is a two-hour DVD that documents the process of making a seax from iron ore to finished blade.


In this DVD, the bladesmith Jesus Hernandez will embark you on a descriptive journey through images and sound that will show old as well as new methods of sword making.


Over twenty hours of video were recorded and edited to give you a comprehensive step-by-step view of what it takes to make a sword.


The techniques shown in this DVD include:


Smelting steel from raw iron ore

Forging a bloom of metal into a bar

Making a straight laminated bar and a twist bar

Forge welding


Making a carved wooden handle.

Copper plate smithing including: rolling, forming, brazing and soldering, tinning and engraving and patination

Leather tooling, stitching and staining

And finally the polishing of the blade and the etching of the metal to show the pattern

This DVD represents an invaluable source of information for those who appreciate the fine art of bladesmithing.


This DVD can be purchased through my website by clicking on this link: Blue Ridge Seax DVD.

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I'm belatedly posting this... but I wanted to say that this DVD has introduced me to so many of the 'little things' that really change how I do things. They seem like small techniques... but they've pushed me into new areas of my work. I would have to say that this DVD.. along with the Arctic Fire stuff.. will be pivot point in my work.

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