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Large Wootz Shamshir

Greg Thomas Obach

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Its the type of sword i love most,i don't know why,i like the balance of that sword,you have done a marvellous work...!Excellent handle and the wootz is magic!


zafeiriadis konstantinos Marathon


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Dear Greg,

your work looks stunning and I like the blade a lot,

it always seems to be beneficious when smiths share their goods (thumbs up to Niko, too!)


I never did a blade this long,

who knows, maybe that will come in time.

But I loved the pics from your workspace B)

really reminded me of mine :D


best whishes

and regards from Germany


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Hi all


thank you very much for kind comments !


next handles will be from bone and stag horn ( as i know black walnut is more for my natural liking and not historical )



Jokke, i feel like i should almost apologize for how messy my workspace is ... but it is my small slice of heaven, and i don't think i could change it ^_^





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