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Norse/medieval sites in Germany and Scandinavia

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Hi, I am trying to plan a route to take starting in Munich Germany for Oktoberfest and heading north into Scandinavia. I've found tons of interesting castles and medieval museums that I'd love to investigate first hand. However as the list is growing exponentially I thought I'd ask the forum about the "best" (I know its subjective) places to visit. The "must-see's" if you will. Since we can't see everything I would like to maximize the quality to quantity ratio. I have read that Cologne in Germany has a lot of roman/germanic history which sounds appealing. But, I find it hard to take travel guides at face value because I abhor tourist traps. I know many of you on here either live in Europe or have visited many places of note relative to early European culture and bladesmithing, and I would love to hear some suggestions from first hand experience.




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I can speak for what I know and the museum in Cologne has a lot of roman iron tools and other stuff. A very rich museum.

If you fancy beer (apparently you do) Kölsch beers will please your tastebuds as well.



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D.Cederqvist - no limitations as of yet. The farther north the better in my opinion.


Stéphane - Thanks for your first hand report on Cologne, based on that and what I've read, we'll definitely have to make a stop there. I do love Kölsch!


Myles - Thanks I have read about Haithabu and Roskilde, looks like both are great places to see. Hadn't heard about the gold room at the Historical museum in Stockholm, will definitely look into that!


thanks again guys, very helpful.

Ben Noffsinger

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If you are going into Denmark there are a few that are worth going to if you have the time, Copenhagen there is the National museum http://natmus.dk/en/?cHash=813aa549da4173f208a1dc3c9efd457e lots of swords and other items. try not to cry at there gold room as the really nice swords are above your head in REALLY low light levels as everyone knows how gold fades in sunlight! After that rant, Go on a Sunday morning and have there Brunch. About $20 per head for all you can eat food and pour your own vodka for bloody mary's.

The Tollhuss musem is good for swords and 16th century armour and there have lots of firearms and cannon. There displays are a bit dated but worth seeing what they have.

Most of the local museums had some viking metal work and are worth taking a punt on if you have time. But other locations worth seeing is Reibe. They have some viking and later swords and metal working tools on display. http://www.ribesvikinger.dk/Default.aspx

If you are going north around Arhuss then the Mosegard museum is worth visiting. http://www.moesmus.dk/ They have a LOT of the items found at Illerup on display. The number and range of teh items found is staggering.

If I can remember any others worth seeing I'll add them later.


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