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subhilt ´TORUK`, the last shadow....

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hello together,


a last knife before my holidays begin:


the subhilt ´TORUK`


during the forging and carving of this guard (a felt eternity :wacko: )I tried to remember, wherefrom I had this form in my brain and didn´t cheque it...

finally my cerebral searching machine (a very old system...) nailed it:

in ´AVATAR` I saw that huge banjee with those bone-excesses over and under the teeths...


this was my inspiration, but I don´t hope, that anyone will see this knife as his last shadow...


some specs:

W1 forged, clayhardened

wrought iron

stab. walnut

total 40cm

blade only 26,5cm

thickness 6,5-2,5mm


stay cautious looking at it...































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Outstanding work. Enjoy your holiday. Hope you're having better weather over there than we're having where I live. It's been 38-40° C. and humid. It's hard to imagine a drought with high humidity but we've managed it this year in the Midwest.



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However long it took, it really paid off! I've never seen a subhilt like that before, and I must say, it adds something more to the overall feel that I never thought was possible (or how it would be). Did you cast the second piece around the wood, or is the walnut two separate pieces?



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WOW! :blink::ph34r::blink:


That's a completely different look for you, but it's still recognizeably yours alone...That's a hard thing to do, and as usual you have done it extremely well! :)


Too cool! B)

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Absolutely amazing work. Yet another example of why I don't post pictures of my knives on this board!


The lines are superb and the fit between the blade and guard couldn't get any better. The carving on the hilt and subhilt are perfect.

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good to see another one from you. I have a serious and mostly irrantional negative view of subhilts (in general). This one, however, is an exception. It is beautiful. I smile when I see that you have posted something new, even before I look at it.

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Holy Sh@# that is amazing - the guard and subhilt are awesomeohmy.gif ! Beautiful all around.

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You know, it literally makes my day whenever you post a finished blade.


I cannot tell you how many times I've printed out a photo of a newly posted Wieland blade and taped it above my finishing vise as inspiration and a reminder to keep pushing myself for greater fit, finish and imagination.


Thanks for sharing your work as often as you do!



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when i saw this knife i thought it should be in the hands of an elf glowing to worn that orks or worse are around and that sting was vastly under done when this does it sooooooo much better

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thank you all for taking time to post and your kind words!

it is great to feel so much excitemen and it´s a strong encouragement to observe always for new inspirations and to try their realization in my knives...


we´ll get lots of hints from scandinavian nature:

three weeks tripping and canoeing- yep!

but I know- after one week I`ll have knifemaking-withdrawal symtoms... :wacko:


@john, these are two pieces of wood, the subhilt-element is forged too.


best regards


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What Dave said your work is a driving force for many, Me included. Thanks



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Very cool piece Gerhard! Always love seeing new work by you.


So was it the Toruk skull that inspired you or something on the body of the beast itself?

I know you said the bone excesses over and under the teeth, are you referring to the large ridge it has on it's head? I think I can see it.


I like that you went with a reddish color for the handle.

Wish I could just come and sit and watch you work for a while =D

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Don't know where to start but the most impressive is the texture and the lines of these fittings. I bet it took a loooong time to make them.

Dave is right I should print it and inspire myself when I had enough of polishing filing and fitting pieces.

Result is worth the effort.

Superb !


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