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examples of boucan knives

Karter Schuster

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hey guys, can I get some good examples of boucan knives? I just came across a leaf spring (I was so exited when I found it) so I decided I wanted to make a boucan knife.

In case any of you are not familiar with boucan knives, they are knives that appeared in the colonies down to the Caribbean around the 16th century to the 18th, were usually made out of cut-down cutlasses, were very simplistic, usually have a 10-20 inch blade, and usually retained the hilt of the cutlass it was made from. They was used for butchering the wild pigs and cattle on the Caribbean islands.

But I can't seem to find any good examples. and I stress the word GOOD in good examples.

So if anyone has any pictures of original or reproductions of a boucan knife(or even woodcuts and drawings), please let me know. I need some inspiration. ;)

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just put the two words into goog...

click on pictures

and there you are, over a hundred in three seconds


best regards


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