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a well endowede fighter

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Here's a pretty sweet little fighter i forged from some 1095, most of the details are obvious so i wont bore you with typing them, but i do want to make note this is a reallly great piece of oosick, ive used oosick several times in the past but considering the actual piece of the walrus(biz end of his manhood), it is very solid and well preserved......i had held on to this for a while for the right application, while it isnt anything out of this world, i was very pleased with the results. thanks for looking












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I'd hate to see what you would consider out of this world. The guard and pommel set with stones, maybe?


That knife has fantastic lines. Everything is in balance. Great job.



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Fellas I got to say I am very grateful for all you generous comments. I apologize for not answering so sooner but for some reason I haven't been getting email notifications of responses. I think it may be due to me getting a new email and web site provider. tho all my emails are supposed to be getting redirected. it could be a glitch between servers...idk tho. I do my work with a hammer, so overtime I take my tool to the computer bad stuff happens....lol!!!


Really tho thank you all



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