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Sash for my KITH

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My Lady Wife,, Marianne, is a big fiber nerd. She spins and weaves, has raised her own fiber goats, and is the local expert in historical weaving techniques (including Ravens Tail and other NW coast weavings). She decided to contribute to my KITH with a native American style finger woven belt. Because she has to do hard stuff, she chose fine linen, which snarled and tangled all over the place. There are a bunch of good sites on finger weaving on the net. In the end she put in close to 100 hrs on this, which she regretted a bit. But it turned out really nice, better maybe than the rest of it deserves :lol: .


I promised her I would post this, so everyone would know how hard she worked, and now you do.




IMG_8592 (640x427).jpg


IMG_8599 (640x427).jpg

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Wow, that is so cool.

She should try an Inkle loom. A bit of a pain to set up, but makes great fiber belts, and trim.




A whole bunch of SCA folk do all kinds of weaving. My lady like the Inkle loom/ card weaving the best.



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Lovely weaving! Having done a little bit of fingerweaving, I can imagine the time put into this. I don't attempt this kind of stuff often, because it takes....so.....long. (I'd like to try card weaving sometime though, it looks a little faster/easier.)


Now if you could find some Truffula tree fiber to spin up...;)

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