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Silver baby spoons

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So I had someone send me two one ounce 99.99% pure silver coins and ask if I could make some baby spoons for them, they said they wanted them rough and rustic looking... so naturally I said yes. I've never really worked with silver though, so it was a really neat learning experience, and for that reason I didn't charge my normal rate.


I decided to smelt the coins into a bar, then to forge the bar. I chopped the coins in pieces, and used a piece of 3/4" steel pipe cut down the center as a mold, and used oxy fuel torches to melt it all, it flowed very easily.




Then I started forging them like normal, I treated it pretty much like copper, maybe annealed a little more often.




Here is the finished product. I'd be happy to hear what you think, good or bad.





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Awesome! I like the transformation you used. I'll have to try something like it ;)

I think you hit rustic right on the head, yet it keeps a very refined, skilled finish. Nice work!



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Thanks guys. I did make sure that the final product was work hardened at least a little, at this thickness they are like jelly when annealed especially being 99.99% silver. I did almost all of the planishing at the very end. I used the ball end of a 3lb ball pien hammer clamped in the vice as a planishing stake, which worked very well.

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Pretty little things! Nice forging, Nate, very clean for a 'rustic' look.

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