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Damascus/ Gold Ring

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beautiful ring !!


errr... what a minute !!!



knowing your background with a certain movie, was this one by chance forged in mount doom ?



if so, that didn't work out so good with the last one :lol:










ps.. sorry for the teasing, but it is a beauty of a ring and i couldn't resist my bad sense of humour :blink:

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Thank you all for your nice comments,




I am pretty sure you would have all the skills nessecary to make one of those, but if you really want one I could make you one :rolleyes:



The ring started of as alluvial gold, I cleaned this by casting it out in water, then alloyed it down to 18 ct, cast a bar and forged and rolled it out in a wide plate for the ring and a thin bar for the long strip to make the sides.

You really make 4 rings, 3 gold and 1 damascus, I soldered one narrow ring on the wide one put the damascus ring in place then the other gold one and "rivited" the whole thing together.(hope this makes sence)



Iron does not really rust, steel will, I have worn an Iron damascus ring in the beginning your fingers will become a bit black but that seems to dissapear later on, I guess like you suggested the natural oils are taking care of it. If left laying around in a damp enviroment it will get that rusty look but a bit of oil will take care of that.

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Richard, that is realy beautifull, if you make one for Peter I also like one from the same billet.


No, better idea: I start forging a billet send it to Peter, he will forge one ore two fireweldings and than send it to you.


Than we can make some rings out of this multiple continental damascus bar. yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D

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