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Hello! I and Jeff collaborated on this great commission. Spear of Vendel period from Vendel (nice coincidence)

Jeff did amazing work on the spear blade, HC steel an wrought iron core. I love how he solved the socket. just brilliant!


i made this bears disguised as moles and made a cover from wood woth leather covering, tooled in Salin II style


here are some pictures, enjoy and feel free to comment






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That is beautiful. The whole thing is amazing, but I especially love the Bears on the socket. An amazing piece. :D :D



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Brilliant collaboration! Everything about it portrays your skills as craftsmen, there isn't a thing about it I don't absolutely love!



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dont forgot Jeff, without his work, it would be a pair of moles :-)


I'm guilty of looking with out reading. You guy knocked it out of the park. I most love thing that are new but look so old!!! Great job



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Thanks Guys! Petr is an awesome artist. This was a really great opportunity to try a very fun project with him. Creativity simply oozes out of his head. He knows more about dark age art than anyone I've ever met before.

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