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Let me introduce myself

Greg Dash

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Hello, everybody.

I just joined this forum and decided to introduce myself

Name is Greg Dash and I am in Staten Island, NY

Yes, New York (nobody is perfect)

From what i saw - most of the makers on this forum are blacksmits.

I am not. I do "stock removal"

Mostly - just working knives.

Here is some of my work:


My "signature skinner" - probably the most popular model. For the most parts I make it out of D2.

I've spent some time in Bob Dozier's shop and got hooked on D2

Handle materials - mainly micarta and wood. Some corean.

Well, here goes nothing:





And here are the same model with different handles:







Well, I have some more, but do not whant to overload my first post.

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dont beat yourself up for not being a FORGING smith... a LOt of REALLY good knives come from stock removal, and i think most of us have made great knives from that... you sure look like you have the craft down to a GREAT art :D

i know i have to stay with stock removal for a while more too :D :Dand mine are FAR from your level of quality :D


welcome to the forum, im sure you will find a LOT of inspiration, and plenty of new friends :)

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Welcome aboard, Greg.


Nothing wrong with stock removal, except it's not as much fun as forging. ;)


That said, I tried to forge D2 once. Once... :wacko: It works, but wow, does that stuff not want to move under the hammer.


Nice looking stuff, especially the stag handled one on the jeans.

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Greg everything looks great. The Dozier influence comes through but you also have some style of your own. keep on grinding! ~Herb

Edited by Herb Kettell

The few surviving Samurai survey the battlefield.

Count the arms and legs and heads and then divide by five.


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