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Bunch of Knives for sale

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I have five knives I need to sell. Here they are all together.




The first one is a composite patternweld from home smelted bloom steel, mild steel and wrought iron. The bolsters are wrought iron and the grip scales are wenge. No sheath currently, but I can make one for around $20. AOL-8.5in $200


bloom blade.jpg


Next is a bowie made from a subtle combination of mild steel and old files. It was water quenched and developed a plain hamon, which is visible in the etch. The handle components are mild steel, copper, wenge, and elk antler. AOL-11in $250


bowie 1.jpg


This blade was forged for my own use some time ago from 5160. The scales are bocote. It was made to be abused, so it has a few chips in the edge from use and has developed an uneven patina as can be seen. Still, its an amazing cutter. AOL-17in Sold






Forged from an old file that had outlived its previous usefulness, this "every day carry" style knife was a pleasure to make. The handle is made from hand cut holly burl, vulcanized fiber liners, and copper rivets. the spine on this one is mirror polished, just 'cause I could :). Sold


edc 1.jpg




Finally, I have a puukko which some of you may have already seen, but now I have a sheath for it. The blade is from an antique lawn mower blade that was given to me by one of my (many) great uncles. Probably something like 1075 or so. Grip is copper, leather, and something I hadnt tried before, stacked birch bark, a traditional rot resistant handle material used in Finland. It is surprisingly beautiful and functional. The sheath is vegatable tanned leather with a copper rivet. A very sharp and usable blade. Sold


puukko sheath 2.jpg


puukko sheath 3.jpg


puuko sheath.jpg


puukko sheath4.jpg


Thanks for looking!


BTW, the Finnish inspired flint/steel strikers pictured in some of the above pictures are also for sale at $30 each, and would also come with a piece of flint and some charcloth! PM me if interested

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