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Pic's from Bowie's Hammer in

Kip Kaiser

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This was my first but not last hammer in. Wow what a blast. Alan and Jesus pulled off an awesome smelt that I now have to try. Thanks to Jesus's fine instructions it should be no problem. I missed Alan's hawk demo because I hade to work on friday, but I did bring the hawk home with a little trading (thank you Alan). Bill Batson gave a mosaic Damascus demonstration and sent me home with a slice of mosaic that is beautiful. I learned more in one week end than I thought was possible, and meet some amazing people. Good time was had by all. Thanks to Bowie for everything, and to Alan for the heads up.




Sorry for so few pic's I was to wrapped up in the demonstrations, If you have been to one of these you understand.:rolleyes:







A man is no better than his word! Check out the web site @ www.thekaisercustomknives.com

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Looks like fun! Wish i could have been there! Lets see more pictures.


A bad day forging... is still better than pretty much anything else

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Wish I could have made it, looks like it was a great time. This is for sure on the 'some day' list of things to do before I die.



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Here are a few more, I took a lot of pics of the equipment for future reference. The black press is worth a look, it is the cleanest most organized press I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. If Alan happens to read this he can tell you the owner of black beauty, cool guy awesome knives and he make beautiful mosaic damascus. I meet to many people this weekend to remember all the names.



003 (2).JPG

003 (2).JPG

004 (2).JPG




A man is no better than his word! Check out the web site @ www.thekaisercustomknives.com

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Alan working on a hawk (it even survived the demo this year! :o:P )










Mark and another guy (sorry, I just can't seem to remember his name, every year) talking about antique bowies.













Wayne Coe doing a blacksmithing demo, which included a 3 heat heart, bulldog face, and a hoofpick/bottle opener.













Alan and Jesus doing an aristotle furnace demo, that I'm gonna have to try and replicate sometime soon.


















And Bill Wiggins doing a great damascus demo.





I've got more photos here if any of ya'll want to see em. - Link

Edited by Stephen Stumbo









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As usual I didn't take many pictures, and this year 3/4 of them turned out too blurry to use because I was using my phone instead of a real camera... :rolleyes:


Anyway, The guy with Mark Zalesky is Alex Daniels of Town Creek, Alabama, who is a master at reproducing antique bowies in modern steels.




Here's an original English & Hubers Philadelphia Bowie with one of Alex's reproductions.




And a Schively dirk/dagger made from highly polished shear steel, brass and ivory:




A closeup of the structure of that cruddy steel:




None of my other photos turned out. :(


It was a great time as usual, if a little sparsely attended. The REAL Larry Kemp showed up after an absence of five years, and there were a few new (to me) faces, including Kip Kaiser. Kip is a great guy and is going to go far in this business, trust me on that. B)


It seems like everyone except me just keeps getting better every year! :wacko:

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Based on the tomahawk that I took back home with me, I will disagree with Alan's last commentary about his work.

It was a good time. Great to see familiar faces and meet some new, including Andrew Jordan from the Netherlands and Kip.

Thanks to Ron for doing this every year.

Enjoy life!

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Woops Kip, the demonstrator was Bill Wiggins and the owner of the press is Fred Loving.

Nice visiting with you.


Where did I come up with Batson, oops Sorry Bill and thanks Wayne.

A man is no better than his word! Check out the web site @ www.thekaisercustomknives.com

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Don't worry Kip, we've all wondered about Bills... um we'll call it background anyway and being related to Dr. Jim Batson wouldn't be the worst thing in the world either. Keep up the good work we'll have you demonstrating carving before you know it! And Chris it may have led to Mr. Kemp's safe departure that you weren't there he won a ton of stuff in Iron-in-the-hat.



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Larry Kemp started the whole absentee-winship trend years ago, I'm not surprised he did well this week.


I have a damascus knife in the truck, made from one of his billets, he's never seen finished. I may have to shine it up and photograph it for him.

The Tidewater Forge

Christopher Price, Bladesmith

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