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Swordsmith and wordsmith

Petr Florianek

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Just a quick update; we are still going with this collaboration, and I imagine that we will be for some time.
There would be many more, but I have been so busy with work that there hasn't been much juice left in me by the time I get home. But things are settling down so I should have time to be myself again going forward.
Some of you may have seen these on facebook, but I wanted to post the poems here for people that haven't. Hope you guys like them. I like the last one best.




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This is all too cool....


Meagre words but all I have.

"He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest." Dylan Thomas

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That last one is particularly inspiring. Having just re-read Beowulf, this sounds like it could have been penned by the same hand. The feeling and aesthetic behind the words and steel are dead-on.


Thanks so much, guys! smile.gif

It's no accident that it feels like Beowulf. These poems are written in the same meter. I love the form, and occasionally try my hand at it, but it's a beast in Modern English.


Kudos to the Poet, and the Smith!

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