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Saxon corrugated spear

Petr Florianek

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i wanted to show you one quick project i just finished. Its saxon 6th spear with split socket, corrugated blade and brass socket ring in Salin I style


all this is about 29 cm long, forged to shape from wrought, even the corrugations were forged, then ground. Ring is pressbleched over antler die, then brazed.


all comments welcomed :-D






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Very cool, Petr!


I have seen some with the "corrugation" running the full length of each half. Do you think this adds some sectional rigidity to the spearhead? Or is it just something they did, for whatever reason?

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The corrugation makes me hope that it works like aircraft wings when thrown and makes it spin, but it's probably just something you should tell people regardless! ;)

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Way cool! Nifty design, shame it didn't last. But no matter, you've brought it back! B)



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very cool - can you tell us some more about the pressblech? what thickness was the brass sheet? was the die flat or round? if flat, was it positive or negative? what kind of tool do you use for forming it? or do you use both positive and negative dies?

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I am still waiting for my mill to come, so i forged the thin sheet from thicker one, i guess it was in the 0,3 mm thickness, which is still little too much. I had a patrice, it mean positive die carved from moose antler, then sheet, then lead plate and hammer it. works pretty smooth, but i am beginer :-)

then i layed it on the 0,6 mm sheet, brazed on, formed a ring, brazed, here we go!

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