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the one i carry. made fairly recently, and a couple others in progress or as finished as they get for now.


twisted bars in knife and spear head are 1095/15n20

mono steel axe 1095 w/layered wood handle







thanks for showing me how mike)

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those are pretty neat. the spear is the one that does it most for me. Do you have any closer pics? they are all cool, but the spear is really nice.


please visit my website http://www.professorsforge.com/


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hey kevin thanks..as per request :


tip of spear: i fish mouth welded the tip up simply because i wanted that particular skill...i moved the weld line off center of the tip not sure if it makes a diffence or not.




body of spear ... when i had the twisted bars with monosteel between them ready to weld up it was about 6 inches tall then crunched it by hand...shortly after that i conned my neighbor into striking for me :D ..well not actually connned we make 3 of almost everything he keeps one i sell two. keeps us in gas and beer hehe



the spear is not even close to finish grinding. the 4...sides?? of the spear, anyway the edges will be very shallow hollow grind so as to appear as a convex diamond shape in section view.




thanks phil :D

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