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Following the Cool Breeze Tanto

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Blade is 9.5" nagasa. The steel is my own home-made steel. It has a beautiful o-mokume hada that shows very nicely in the polish. The hamon is ko-midare. The tanto is fitted in the aikuchi style. The saya is poplar lacquered in red and adorned with a bamboo motif. The kanji reads: 追涼風 "Following the Cool Breeze". The koiguchi is made of copper and the kurikata of horn. The tsuka is high quality same-gawa with horn fuchi and kashira. The habaki and menuki are made of patinated brass.



















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great work. Nice steel, great hamon, and I like the meniki (little pin, right)?


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Thank you, guys. I really appreciate the comments.

The blade is as traditional as I can make it. Photographing these blades is quite hard without a permanent set-up. I tried to get the hada is some pictures and the hamon in others.

The handle decorations are called menuki and the pin is called mekugi. ;)

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I must agree with Charlie. B)


My only question is, how does one handle it without getting it dirty? :lol: I know not to touch the blade, but that same is unreal and just asking for some dirt. ;)

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Well, Alan... to keep it neat, one just does not need to take it to a certain hammer-in... :P

I just have to accept that I have a problem with cleanliness. If you can't eat off of it, then it is not clean.

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That's really nice. Isn't it interesting how the hamons on the self-smelted steel are just so much more detailed than on modern steel? I guess it's the lack of manganese...but whatever it is, it really is striking. This one almost has a splintery looking effect. I've still got a bunch of my own tamahagane sitting in a bucket right now. But when I think about how much work stands between that bucket full of steel biscuits and an actual blade, I always seem to find something else to do!

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