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Somrthing Steampunk

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Just for entertainment's sake, a bit of Steampunk, inspired by the Professors Foglio's webcomic "Girl Genius". This is an Airship Pilot First Class dress uniform dirk. Blade is O1 with a Spanish notch (Just to show I can.), handle is antiqued bone, brass-bound rayskin for the sheath and frogs. The decorations on the frog I purchased from the good professors: a pilot's medallion and the sigil of Haus Wulfenbach.

I guess now I have to design the rest of the uniform.

Airship dirk_0001_edited-1.jpg

Airship dirk_0002_edited-1.jpg

Airship dirk_0003_edited-1.jpg

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Charles--i'm not really sure why, but i can't see the pic's--just a little box with a red x---most likely our security. glad to "almost" see that your still at it and look forward to really seeing you again here one of thes days---mike

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Have you shown it to the professors Foglio? I bet they'd incorporate it into the strip... B)


Yes, I did last night, just before posting here. I expect I'll hear from them, eventually.

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