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Fall in East Tennessee

Alan Longmire

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Just a shot of yesterday's daily Walking of the Cats. That's 14 year old Bennie the Poot in the harness (long story, he grew up in the city and had to be walked on a leash as a kitten and now won't go out without it) and Edie June Sedgewick the tabby on the right, enjoying the lovely fall weather and leaves in the lower 40, as we call that half of our two acres.


Poot and Edie.jpg

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If we put a leash on either or our cats they would do something that resembles a full blown epileptic seizure. And end up strangling themselves. My daughter tried it once and it wasn't pretty.

Everything I need to know I learned from the people trapped in my basement.



I'm out of my mind but feel free to leave a message.

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If we put a leash on either or our cats they would do something that resembles a full blown epileptic seizure.


Yeah, you have to start 'em young, like at eight to ten weeks old. They still freak out and flip around like fish on an electric wire, but they get used to it. :lol: I've trained two cats to walk on a leash so far. Day one, apply the harness (indoors) and stand back. Keep it up once a day until they quit freaking out, then add the leash itself. Took about a week.


Getting used to following around a cat on a string takes some patience on the part of the human, especially the first time outside, since they like to stick close to buildings and behind bushes and things. And really, the cat walks you, you don't walk the cat. :lol: No such thing as telling a cat to heel! Bennie is 14 and arthritic, so he's pretty mellow to follow outside. Mosey over to the catnip patch, depending on the temperature find a spot of sun or shade, relax and watch the squirrels. Growl at neighboring cats as necessary. B)

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I can say I like this picture (i’m late I know…I’m often late..)

Sometimes I stop and think over what are my cats thinking (probably this is a reason why I’m often late)

In this picture I see two cats thinking “ our big and bearded friend stopped again playing with the insignificant metallic box. Let’s wait him”


Take care of Bennie

MORENO damasco


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I like the walking of the cats...Lovely photo Alan

"Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes" - Tom HALL - Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon wine.


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I never was a cat person. My sis-in-law moved in with us going on nine years ago and she is definitely cat crazy.

We live a half mile west of the R.R. tracks ten miles Northwest of Dalhart, Tx. This makes for traffic in the seventy to eighty miles MPH and plenty of Coyotes. Both of these are hazardous to pups and cats.

We make it a point to train the cat to come when calling the pup in for the night. The cat goes in the sister's bedroom and the pup in the pen. We have lost a lot of cats and dogs to the highway, some to the Coyotes and some to bigger feline predators.

The cats are actually smarter than the dogs but damn poor students. A cat can not stand hardly any discipline at all but some will respond somewhat to treats. Neuter the cats and they will pay a little more attention.

We(sis-in-law)have had several cats that would follow us(Helen&I)on our walks of an evening. It is comical to see us going out across the pasture with the dogs and a cat playing then investigating every hole and Soap-weed(no trees around here)that has been there every trip for as long as they can remember.

Eventually the highway will get them all. We have one Schipperke stud dog that has run loose all his life(9) and has not(yet) been hit by a vehicle.

Cats have to hook on to you. You can not force them to do anything like show loyalty, they either will hook to you or they won't at their discretion.

You can teach them some tricks but not many. They will not put up with the pressure.

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