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Clay hardened carved integral with fuller and cocobolo handle.

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Lately it seems like lots of folks have been saying it has been a long time since they posted anything and I have to join the chorus. I have been working on a bunch of different things and finally finished this. The time just seems to fly. It is W-1 the hamon isn't dramatic but I am learning. The overall length is 11 1/2", the sharp is about 6" and it is 1 3/8" wide. Hope you enjoy it and comments are always welcome.















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Wow. If only I had a project like that to come back with. The carved fuller really makes the knife one piece, unifying the handle, blade, and bolster

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Excellent design, but above that, great execution! It takes something special to pull something like that off, and you did a superb job.



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Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate them. This forum gets me fired up to do some more. Thanks again- Todd

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