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Walnut and old file

jonathan creason

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I forged this one out of an old file I found in my great aunt's barn. It has a little hamon action going on, but it's my first attempt at it and I didn't do a very good job of making it show. Walnut handle with an awesome grain pattern and copper hardware. The sheath is wet formed veggie tanned leather.





Any comments and especially critisms are appreciated.

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don't know why xxxt

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That’s a good looking blade. I really like the figuring in the walnut. As for critiques, I would offer the following:


The guard looks a little too large or heavy for the blade. It throws the aesthetic balance off a bit.


It could be an optical illusion, but it appears that the handle and the blade both dip in at the guard, making sort of a gentle “V” shape from the end of the grip to the point of the blade. Generally speaking I prefer a smooth line to flow across the top of the entire piece.


The grip looks a little flat. Personally I prefer a more rounded or fluid shape on the grip.


Keep in mind that all of these are personal aesthetic preferences. You have a great knife there and should be proud of your work.




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