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Smelting class at NESMW Auburn Maine Oct 2012

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Hello All,

I have just returned..still have the smell of the airport on me.

New England School of Metal Working shop Master Dereck Glaser with an assist by Nick Rossi put on the class the past five days and I would like to give a heads up to the eight students who worked very hard to make steel.

Don Fogg stopped in to say hello and took a few photos. I was a bit too occupied to take photos this time around, but I think Nick will put together something of the class for you to see.


We built and fired modern versions of a Japanese Kodai and a 12th cent European smelter and both furnaces made about a ten pound bloom.

The students then folded/welded the bloom to consolidate the steel and forged the bloom into bars. It was not my intention to go much beyond this bar stage, but with time remaining and a willing student body we pushed on and forged blades.


Below is a knife completed with the help of Nick.

This knife was a san mai blade of wrought iron sides and bloomery steel cutting edge..complete with toothed edge and ebony handle. The maker is Adam Perry Lang and believe it or not folks...this was his first forged knife.

So Adam was able to make a steel bloom, weld it up, forge it into a blade and complete the heat treating and handle.

imagine that...a first knife being made from scratch.

More on Adam here:


Adam Lang knife.jpeg


Two of the students did complex multi bar seax from the material...a first for both of them as well.


I have not heard of any other such class in the US or elsewhere....it was a great time with very dedicated folk.


I will post more of the students work as I get pictures from them.



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That looks great, Ric!


Kudos to both teacher and students.

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