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Disc sander attachment.

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Well I've been without internet for a while, recently was able to get it again. Area I live in blows for pretty much any kind of service.

Previous company just decided to drop it's wifi users.


Anyway, thought I'd post something I whipped up recently. I've been wanting a disc sander with variable speed for a while now, it was on the list of tools to purchase. I attended one of the recent KGA shop tours at Mike Miller's place and he was showing off his disc set up. Well it struck me how easy it would be to just build an attachment for my grinder as I already have the motor and the VFD.


I had some tubing to use as a makeshift tooling arm, and I stole the disc plate off my 6x48 after ripping off all the plastic dust cowling with some pliers. I'd hate it if they made it easy to disassemble, that'd just make too much sense.


Anyway after sourcing some bearings and shaft I was good to go.


Here's how it turned out. I'll probably replace the disc plate once I get some funds for a better one. Possibly one from Beaumont.





Now it's just to get used to using it =D

My hands shall thank me.

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