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The Hohenmoorer Messer Manufaktur

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I have some great news for you: I found a new knife company, the Hohenmoorer Messer Manufaktur.

After 17 years knive making and some tons of damascus I thougt it is time to do that.

In the first step we are doing kitchen knives, the YVO series.

The come in carbonsteel, damascussteel and the 3 cookingblades also in 3 layer steel.

One main part is to work with local materials, as we have oak for the handles, bogoak for the damascus blade handles, great paperboxes made from recycled paper.

Aso we are a manufaktur this means we have many worksteps doing by hand and also some with modern machinery so we can work on a high level.

You can follow us on facebook and also a webpage is under construction.

Logo-Entwurf-HMM-2  Kopie klein.jpg


_DSC6958_Bildgröße ändern - Kopie - Kopie.jpg

HMM_3_01_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

HMM_4_01_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

_DSC6956_Bildgröße ändern - Kopie - Kopie.jpg

HMM_2_01_Bildgröße ändern - Kopie (2).jpg

HMM_2_03_Bildgröße ändern - Kopie - Kopie.jpg



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