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Several years back a acquired some salvaged leaf springs off a retired U.S.Army 5-ton truck. These beasts are 3/8" thick and 5" wide! My stash has been whittled down over the years to my last chunk, which I forged into this blade.

OAL: 14"

blade: 9"

handle: 5" with quilted maple scales stained with aqua fortis and finished with linseed oil.


I was going to square-off the blade like you see in many cleavers but a little bird(my 8 year old daughter)kept saying that it needed a pointed tip.

I forged 25 knives from those springs and now it is time to try some different steel. Thanks for looking!



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This one looks very familiar but with a different grip and a hanging hole. :D

I have a great name for this knife "WOW" because that is what I hear everytime I show mine to someone.

Troy does a fantastic job on this style not only is it good looking, the heat treatment doesn't get any better. I actually split a hair with mine. Another great piece, Troy.



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Thanks for all the kind comments Gents. Your mentioning my daughter's insight made her day and she says she hopes "Santa is as nice to you as you are to her." Cliff, I tested the blade on a stew I made from venison and root vegetables a few days ago and it performed very well! Thanks again guys, you are all welcome over anytime for dinner if you are in my neck of the woods!

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Thats one wicked cleaver Troy! Your "little bird" has a good eye for creativity! I love the clip on this one, quite unique and the scales really set it off. If dinner is as good as this blade I may have to take you up on offer sometime.

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Niiiice. And your little'un was right about the pointed tip - it looks good!

The offspring of an illicit affair between a cleaver and a bowie... I love it.

Edited by GEzell
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