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WIP Colonial candle snuffer, another attempt

John Rigoni

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I posted one of these earlier, but thought I would take photos of the process. These are two commissions in a similar style coming from the same "Pattern Book of Tools and Household Goods." Each one took around 35 hours, so not exactly quick work, but I tend to ruin projects if I rush. I had to forge an oversized pair of bolt tongs to protect the turnings while forging, fairly nerve racking, but the fly press helped.












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DUDE you suck, those are amazing!!!!! gotta try one now......

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My daughter commissioned one of these snuffers as a Christmas present for me. It is the top snuffer in pictures 9, 10 and 11. Very nice work indeed, and thanks!


I'm a knife enthusiast and was curious what material you used. The card that came with the snuffer says "iron", but nothing about carbon content, etc.




R. Thum

Los Angeles

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Hello Sir, I'm glad you like it! The handle is turned from a piece of hexagon scrap I had lying around. It cut very easily and did not work harden so I'm guessing it's mild steel, not sure. The same goes for the section of pipe I used for the bell. The bell was harder to shape and earlier attempts kept splitting along the weld seam on the inside. The forge welding did not give me any problems though, so I'm thinking that is also mild steel/1019.

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