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Dane axe

owen bush

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I recently had a commission to make a dane axe for the tv program "Instruments of death" (I would love to get a copy of the show as I cant view it).

anyhow I made a loverly axe and didnt get a chance to photograph it .

So I made another similar one.....

here it is...



the axe weighs about 2 1/4 lb and the 5 ft shaft around the same.

the axe is 12 inches along the edge.

forged in en9 (1050 equiv)

here is the edge profile.


thanks for looking.

ill get a photo in context.

forging soul in to steel



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owen, that is a really elegant looking axe, if that is possible. I like the profile. it looks slick and efficient, with the relative size of edge to rest of the head. I don't know proper terms, but it is nice.


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Fantastic ......that is a Dane axe .


Not one of these clumpsy axe-like-objekts which are sometimes show in cruel documentation films.

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how would one forge such an profile.

i imagine it could be done with fullers, but these would have to be curved,to suit the curve in the edge. or am i thinking in the wrong track?

one day i would love to make an axe like that, they are really epic.

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I looked at all four posts and can't decide witch one I like best so Ill just say great job on all. Your work is amazing thanks for sharing.



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