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4 newly hardened blades


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after working more on the house

I used my little forging place for hardening four blades, that where lying around up to over one year.

two are forged from M.Balbachs DSC (Damast-super-clean) and will be made into Puukko's, also the small blade from Damascus made by Micha Schick with the sharper point. But especially proud I am of the four bar piece that I bought from "Perry" on the Solingen Knife show this year. It is made from 1.2842 (90MnCrV8)and 75 Ni8, from four twisted bars and forged together by him. I had the luck to buy it from him in a prefinished form, so I forged it a little more and put it into the shape it has now. Since the main steel in all of the blades is 1.2842, I did a three time normalising from around 700° and hardened the blades at 830°C in warm Oil (110°),

all four came out straight and fine, another two hours in the oven at 170° smoothened them enough...


and today I finished Perry's blade up too 1200 grit and put it into Ferric to reveal its structure:

here you are, I'll show the knives again when I have put this one into a kitchen knife and the others into Puukkos:


blades2012-11 (3).JPG


blades2012-11 (4).JPG


blades2012-11 (5).JPG


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I took some more pics to show the four bar structure more clearly:

the blade is 151mm and was polished up to 1200 grit with wetpaper by hand:

4barsPerry (1).JPG


2mm thick on the back, a little thicker in the center of the blade for stability, 32mm at the hilt and 26mm at the tip

4barsPerry (3).JPG


4barsPerry (5).JPG

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DSC® from Markus Balbach in Germany has 150 to 160 layers. It is very easy to make your own design out of this...

it is made from 1.2842 (90MnCrV8)und 1.2767 (X45NiCrMo4) 3:2 and is simply flawless, Balbach has his own special way of making the damascus under special conditions, too bad his homepage is mostly in German, you may find stainless damascus and other specials there, too


I had bought some of it and forged some blades, like the two above. I did cut into the material to have the banding

like this, because I like it a lot -it hardenes up to 65 hrc, 840°C in lukewarm oil

DSC-Detail der Mustersteuerung.JPG


I will put up new pics after finishing the pieces,

since I am working most of the time, it may take a while though

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Hi, so I managed to get the smallest of the blades into a Puukko:


the blade is now 79mm long, 3mm to 0 thick, at the hilt it is 25mm wide


the handle is made from stabilized masure birch which was a bit spalted,

I added black horn, which is also at the end and two spacers of black fiber

it is 105mm long, has a nice fit to the hand

just polished, nothing added
DSC-bänder-spältedbirch (1).JPG


DSC-bänder-spältedbirch (2).JPG


DSC-bänder-spältedbirch (4).JPG


DSC-bänder-spältedbirch (5).JPG

nice to see the structure of the fine 160 layers of this superclean damascus (Balbach DSC)

with the banding I put into it

DSC-bänder-spältedbirch (8).JPG


DSC-bänder-spältedbirch (10).JPG


DSC-bänder-spältedbirch (12).JPG

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