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Bargain belts ( yeah right)

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I found some belts on Craigslist the other say, 2X48 Zirc 100-120.

Paid $1 a pop and brought them home. Gonna have to re-rig the grinder to use them so I tossed one on and started calculating the tensioner. WTF ?

The belts are wider then the contact wheel by about 3/8". 2 3/8 ???

You guys think this will be a problem running ? I know I can trim them but sometimes they fray when you do that.This thing is screaming at 3650.

What do you guys think ? Run'em,no problem?Trim? Cut in pieces for hand work ? Buy a pet rock and forget knives ?


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I run belts over the edge of my contact wheel all the time. As long as you are careful not to dig that part of the belt in to your piece you should be fine i would think.


On the other hand if you lean to much to that side you might cause some deep belt gouges in the piece.



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Do you have a garbage can? Those belts aren't going to last you long enough to be worth the headache of trying to figure out how to used them. I'd just toss them and chalk it up to experience.



HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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I'll probably just burn them up removing paint, rust and maybe sharpening shovels or machetes for my gardeners.....all while wearing a full face helmet, some Carhartts and a leather jacket and welding gloves.I'm still trying to figure out where a 2 13/32 belt came from ? Some Nicaraguan probably lost his tape measure and winged it during the manufacturing process.I suppose I should whack one and check the length before I proceed.

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