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Where do I look


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Being a newbie myself I just ask questions in this group when needed and use the search for the topics I need answers on. Normally works pretty good for me.

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Is there a place on the forum to help newbies like me find instructions on some of the processes of knife making like handle attachment just to name one.


I have been using the search but just haven't found it.


The fit and finish section is rife with threads about hilt construction. Heat treating would be under metallurgy and other enigmas. If you're like me and spend a couple hours every day or so reading up on all you can you can usually find more knowledge than you know how to process :wacko:

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I have often wished there was a pinned beginner's section with well written topics on this, but there is alot of info here to look through. The little google search bar on Don's main page is usually a better search ( http://www.dfoggknives.com/ ) than is the forum search, IMHO. If there's something specific, there are alot of helpful folk on here to answer your questions.





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