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Oak cheese press.

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My wife wants to get into cheese making. Our friends have been doing it for years and have always offered to help. So I got her a cheese making kit for Christmas and built an 18th century style oak press. They retail from $150-$180 and the antique ones even more.


But with $19 worth of fixtures I built one. I even machined the bearing/coupling on the pressure plate and it uses 14 BB's inside a collar. Sounds goofy but it works. And it's not exactly a high RPM component so BB's will be more then adequate.


The are a lot of molds that can be used but I'll wait and see what kind she'll want and then make them also.


All the metal parts have been bonded with a molybdenum disulfide heat cured coating for corrosion resistance. I didn't want the dark oak to have silver metal showing so the coating also gives it an aged iron look.




Santa's workshop didn't have a lot of projects this year but I enjoyed they few I did.


Nothing is glued so I can add or modify it down the road easily.

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Nice. I'm sure she'll enjoy it

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Thanks guys! I will end up enjoying it also, so far I have liked every cheese I've tried and a few have been pretty wild.

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