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Pikula Production Concepts

Michael Pikula

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Are you a historical sword enthusiast and looking for a blade that you can carry during your next outdoor adventure, camping trip, or keep by your fire pit? A custom viking sword might not be suited, but one of my new Production Concepts just might fit the bill! These blades will be available from mid January or so, customers choice of a suitable stainless or tool steel, customers choices of grip material, optional gun-kote finish, and a target price point of around $700 (price to be determined by final production costs and cost of materials selected) Two more to be added in the following weeks.


This is my attempt to reach a wider audience, as well as offer something a little more modern, but still stay true to to concepts that I have been working with. I suppose I wouldn't call these swords even, more of a machete hybrid, a swro-chete if you will. Not over built, nice distal taper, grip and edge shaped for the intended use, and above all built with being a camping/outdoors tool in mind, rather then a weapon. I think as someone who has been almost exclusively interested in historical projects, this is a step into a more holistic and modern concept, using modern production methods, and offering a quality piece, for a reasonable price. I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea but who doesn't like having a fun toy in a stump by the fire pit? :)





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I like the lines of the top one and the positive looking grip. First thing I thought before reading your comments was camp machete. Maybe offer an option of less of a point just in case someone's thinking about a bunch of hacking away. Some folks might like a lanyard hole. Bet that would come in handy for spring turkey season, maybe with some kind of edge guard.


Thanks for showing it, Craig

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I think that every-day using machetes/swords are a great idea and judging by your design, on the right track!

Troy Allen Christianson is NOT a "Licensed Bladesmith" so you may treat his posts with the contempt they deserve.

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