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By the Great Horn Spoon!

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The past few months have been very busy...spent most of November in Europe, and have been hustling to get knives made ever since! I'll be exhibiting at the Beinfeld Antique Arms Show at Las Vegas's Riviera next month, and I wanted to bring a batch of new stuff. These are examples: a pair of eating utensil sets that would be appropriate in a Voyageur's canoe or at a Ren Fair feast. Roach-bellied French knife, horn spoon and a skewer (Forks are a new item, y'know.) all in a neat little pouch. The pouch is designed so that it can slip over a belt or into the straps of a shoulder bag.

There are a lot of other blades I've just gotten done, so I'll be posting more in the next few days.

For now...see you in Las Vegas!

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