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The last time I bought both high and low temp salts was when Ellis was still in biz. It's high time I restocked my pots. Does anyone know the mixes he sold, or perhaps more importantly, if to change to another salt means dumping and scouring both pots and starting over - just to be safe? In other words, can salts generally be mixed safely that are within a certain temperature range?

Thanks, and a grand 2013 to you all. Del

Here's a shot of two different types of my specialty carvers knives going into HT, the straight one is ready for austenizing, the hook knives are just coming out, heading for the marquenching bath. All are O1. Each ring is about 75 tools, strung on 3/32 stainless rod. I usually do a couple hundred per session.



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Ellis no longer owns High temp tools, but it is still in business. My link .

you may be able to find out if they are still selling the same stuff.



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Well well, that's good news!, and a relief, thanks Willman. I'd given up on them long ago. The salt baths have revolutionized my knife production, I can't imagine having to go back.

I'd still be interested in folk's knowledge on mixing salts that aren't exactly the same from batch to batch. It's a situation I think any salt heat treater could be faced with any day. When a salt mix is no longer available for any reason - do you then need to 'dump and scour', or can you just add a different mix. I have no chemistry background, thus I lack the terms to use, perhaps it boils down to being able to mix only within certain specific 'families' of HT chemicals?

thanks again, Del

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That is efficient!

I don't think its a good idea to mix unknown salts with new salts, for the same reason I wouldn't top off a tank of Parks #50 with anything but Parks #50.

I'd call Heatbath and get the salt for the specific marquench you need and start from a clean pot with it. Any time you mix an unknown into a quench, it will have some unknown effect on the result. The salts have specific mixtures and components for specific draw rates.

I'm no expert at all on salts, and what little I do know comes from reading, not experience. Get heatbath on the line, I'm sure they know exactly what you need and can give you consistent results!


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Brian makes a good point. A couple of years ago someone posted that they sort of winged it and mixed two type of salt to make some sort of an adjustment to the process and the mixture exploded out of the tank. Don't mix anything unless you absolutely know that it's safe to do.



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