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Seminole Wind

Wade Hougham

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Here is another pine cone handle knife. The blade was forged from 1 1/4" cable and is 5" long. The handle is pine cone with buffalo horn. Total length is 10 1/4". The sheath was made by my friend KT.

Thanks for looking.

Seminole Wind 006.jpg

Seminole Wind 007.jpg

Seminole Wind 010.jpg


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both are very well made. I like 'em


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The steel came out beautiful , The handle is a real head turner , your friend made a knockout sheath . On top of all that , the blade shape is good for most anything you need to do . I'm not jealous or anything ,,,,, :wacko:

Ken Burbank

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That's really cool with everything going on in the blade and the handle it has a nice flow. the corn cob is wild I love it!!! I still haven't gotten around to playing with my bansia pod yet but this makes me want to. Great job thanks for sharing.



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Those pine cones scales really are spectacular! Great looking knife.

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Forging Japanese Style Blades

Making Hamons

Japanese Sword Mounting


Making Japanese Sword Fittings

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the pine cone scales are just impressive!!!

love the blade to , Im addicted to cable

its a great packege



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Suio Ryu Iai Kenpo

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First time I have seen a a pine cone handle, I love it !!! Great blade!


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