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Picked up a bit of old Wrought today. (large images)

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So Today I picked up a bit of wrought in the form of an old wagon wheel hoop. Roughly 5ft diameter, almost 2 inches wide and roughly half an inch thick.

All for 60 bucks.

Sorry for the large pictures and my very thick cut on the metal, i dont have a thin cutting wheel as of right now.

Also, may pickup an anvil for around 200 bucks pending sale of a go-kart.










Its very clear im going to have to fold this over itself several times before drawing into an axe body or knife spine.

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Puddled iron just refers to the process of making it from cast iron as opposed to direct bloomery forge iron, and is not an indication of quality. The quality grading system for wrought is muck bar (the worst, just flattened-out bloom), merchant bar (single refined, somewhat of a misnomer since it is not just muck bar folded once), double refined, and triple refined. Wagon tire is usually but not always merchant bar, depending on when and where it came from.


That ought to show a nice pattern when etched. Folding and welding will make it into double-refined wrought with a correspondingly more refined pattern. It all depends on what you want to do with it. Oh, and on what it wants to do with you... :lol: If it's high in sulfur or phosphorus it will fall apart at any heat below a bright yellow.


Work it at a full white welding heat the first few times you play with it to see when it wants to come apart. If it's really good stuff you may be able to forge it down into the bright orange range before it starts coming apart on you. There's no standard for the stuff, it is what it is.

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That's the reason one of the best artist/blacksmiths I know of, John Little, basically can't stand wrought in any way, shape or form- "You can't trust it," he said to me once, "you get a project 90 per cent finished and it splits into three pieces on you."

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Alan, Thank you for clarifying that, and also thank you VERY much for that invaluable piece of information. I will most assuredly get pictures of inprocess work on this after my forge is back up and running.

Al, I think that would be a challenge, to 'baby' the material as i work it, but like Alan said, and I initially thought, some forged refinement is in order :)


Do i have to make ferric with muriatic in order to get etch to show easily? I tried hot white vinegar and it didnt do much of anything. (file finish)

I also have super concentrated sulfuric acid...

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