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Somewhat "Pukko-ish" ?

Robert Dark

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Been a while since I posted one here. Here is one that I made just fooling around between letting epoxies, leather, and various other things dry or cool down.

It has a slight hint of "Pukko" in there somewhere. Not sure, never done one like this before.

Forged 1084 (about .135 thick on the flats)
Damascus in front of handle
Handle material is a piece of Walnut that I got from Don Hanson a couple of years ago
OAL - 8 3/4"
Blade Tip-to-Handle - 4 1/4"

What say ye ?




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I like the finish on the blade. Great looking knife, I would not have guessed walnut for the handle.



A man is no better than his word! Check out the web site @ www.thekaisercustomknives.com

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Hey Big-Un, I'm waiting for you to do a DVD on how you make your sheaths. Better yet, why don't you just come on down to Bama and make one for me.


You need to come to Little Rock and I'll tell you how to do it. I don't think they will allow me back in Bama. Its been 45 years since I was there.

Raymond Richard


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