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Hey everyone, I've been lurking around here for quite a while but due to my working 6-day weeks and having unpleasantly long work days, I haven't had much time to get out to the forge and make anything to post. Business has finally slowed down a bit and I had time to get a few blades started.






The specs of these "blades in progress" are:


Langsax-ish Thing-


Material/ old Nicholson file

OAL/ 13.5"

Blade/ 8.85"

Tang/ 4.75"

Width/ 1"

Spine/ .125"


Pukko-like Knife-


Material/ another old Nicholson file

OAL/ 7.25"

Blade/ 3"

Tang/ 4.25"

Width/ .75"-1"

Spine/ .125"


Sorta-Santoku Blade-


Material/ old mower blade (Usually not the best material in the world, but the batch I have seem to be decent stuff.)

OAL/ 9"

Blade/ 5.5"

Tang/ 3.5"

Width/ .5"(Tang)-1.75"(Blade)

Spine/ .215



Now all I need to do is convince my boss to let me take the next few weekends off to finish forging, grinding, heat-treating, handling, and polishing these things.

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It looks like you already have a good grasp on hammer control and patience getting it to the right shape. Keep up the good work, and finish them! (I made the mistake and it became a habit that I rarely give them attention pot forging)..



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