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This is a 17 inch nagasa wakizashi made from my own home-smelted steel. Hamon and hada in the soshu tradition. Patinated copper habaki, seppa, fuchi and kashira. Silver inlay in the fuchi and kashira depicting the moon, stars and constellations. Iron tsuba with raised copper and silver inlay.





















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Sleek, elegant, and mind blowing once again.

That fourth picture really fascinates me in all its primal beauty.



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jesus, great work. I really like the way you carried the theme through. raised inlay, smooth inlay, inlay into wood, and self-smelted steel. You are really getting an array of skills together. nice work and dedication.

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Just plain WOW. As an amatuer astronomer myself (the "other" hobby...) I love the constellation on the tsuba; cassiopiea I believe. Your work is truly epic!

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Jesus, gorgeous work man!!


What was the process...recipe? formula? to get the texture /patina on your tsuba? Is the pitting chemically done or hammered in with tools?


As always, super find work.

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