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Where can I get metal blades for my regular bandsaw

Brandon Buford

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Can you slow it down enough to cut steel with it? Set up for wood it runs about 3600 feet per minute. To cut steel it needs to be 300 feet per minute tops. A jackshaft or several step pulleys are in order if you go that route. Just google "wood to metal bandsaw conversion" for hints. Once you've done that, if you still want to try to make it work, order a Lennox Diemaster 2 blade welded to the right length (93.5", right?) from MSCDirect.com. I like variable-tooth ones, say 10-14 tpi for thick stuff and 18-22 tpi for less than 1/4" steel.


By the time you price the conversion you may decide to just buy a DeWalt Portaband and save the extra cash. ;) Oh, and be sure to order those diemaster 2 blades for it, too!

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Another thing to consider is that many woodworking bandsaws (even those that have pulleys to slow them down) aren't really able to handle the dust from cutting metal. It may take it a few times but it will wear the saw out much faster than one designed for metal cutting.



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I feel for you, Brandon, but that's just the way that it works out. I looked into it once too and found out by the time I spent the money to get what I would need to turn a wood cutting band saw into an almost metal cutting band, I could buy a metal cutting band saw. Sometimes you can save money by adapting something to do the job and sometimes you can't. This is really a can't. What you can do is to see if something will do the same job that the band saw would do. If all you wanted to do is cut pieces of steel to length then an angle grinder with a cutting disc will do. You could even use one to rough out a knife blank and then refine it with files.



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If you use a woodcutting bandsaw with a metal cutting blade, at woodcutting

speed, the blade will last, ooh, maybe 2-3 seconds. The teeth will strip right

off. You can cut aluminum on a wood saw but it makes one heck of a mess.

Little aluminum chunks EVERYWHERE!!!!!


The porta-band suggestion is a very good one. I have a porter-cable porta-band on

a bench stand I made. It is one of the more frequently used tools in my shop.


If you are going to make only a few cuts, a jewler's saw is a good idea.



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It probably isn't what you're thinking, but a surprising lot of folks use a wood band saw to cut knife thickness metal. There's a bunch of info on friction cutting around. Basically, you buzz the teeth off any blade then heat from friction does the cut. I think if you go that route, you have to dedicate the saw to metal only and it's not really precision cutting. Be careful to clean up any wood dust that's in there because things can get pretty hot. Maybe still works out better to look into one of the portaband saws.


Good luck with it, Craig

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