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Axe 'n Sax-in 2013

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Axe 'n Sax-in


Alchemy Metalworks Oakland CA


Sponsored by Team Dane Axe


October 25-27 2013

~ International Demonstrators including Jake Powning, Owen Bush & Petr Florianek, Jim Austin and Jeff Pringle

~ Limited attendance - register early!

~ Free beer, brewed especially for the event

~ Iron smelting, Forge welding, artifact study and art discussion

More details to follow!!

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I am really looking forward to this Axe'n Seax-in .

Really what could be better.


oh Axe'n Seax'n free beer!!

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Did you say...FREE BEER? B)


And iron smelting, and art study? Man, I want to attend this...Cali is not that far of a drive from here. Eagerly awaiting more info, pricing...?

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I seldom think I want to attend events, but this one stirs my imagination. Great bunch of folks involved, and fun stuff. Come on Jeff, let's get the info on how and how much!


Howard it would be absolutely wonderful to see you. Just the idea of it has made my day.......go on.....

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This seems to be getting better and better.

I'll be giving a demo at the ABS event the weekend before in Visalia, CA...I think I will head South to LA and then North to Oakland.



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Since we got all three of our demonstrators from other countries, we're going to have to add Thursday night to the schedule, and have full days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Cost to attend the event will be $120, and attendance will be limited to 25 people - this will be an intense weekend of serious art! And serious fun!

Jim will teach a koftgari class- free to watch, $75 to participate.

Email me: jlp3@earthlink.net to make sure there is room BEFORE using paypal to the same address to reserve your place.

If you don't like paypal email me for other options ;-)

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Money sent. Now I just hope my schedule works out, but I really really want to be there.


Who wants to share a fleabag motel with me? I suggest for those in hotels, we might consider ride-sharing to save car rental money too - the shop isn't exactly next to a Hilton. ;)

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