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Axe 'n Sax-in 2013

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That's what I was thinking as well Jesus, looks like that ingot forged up nice. I cut my ingot in half and sure enough, just like Jeff suspected, there were a few voids inside, I normalized both halves a couple times and started hammering, a few cracks started, so instead of struggle, I just heated it to a welding temp and squished each half flat in the press and folded it a couple times, it works like very good steel now, alot of cracking most likely was my inexpirence with the material. One half is drawn into a nice 3/8" square bar for edge steel in pattern welding, the other half will be folded just the same and made into something sharp. After watching Jeff do some direct reductions in a crucible, I'm gonna give it another try, even had a discussion with Jesus on a different way to reduce ore that I may have to experiment with ;)



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We used graphite crucibles, the cheap ones ;-)

The pattern came out alright, this is the best image I got so far - uneven lighting!




Then I managed to snap the blade while trying to take out a slight warp on the first tempering heat - D'oh! Now I have a nice Viking box cutter :rolleyes: ...or koftgari knife.




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I have quite a collection of those around......most without handles though.


Zeb there are many ways to reduce the ores...one just needs to remove the oxide by any means.



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Yes indeed Ric, that damn Oxygen and its affinity for iron. I think you were there too when we were talking of hydrogen reduction, didn't you mention something about a vacuum as well? It was awesome to be able to talk homemade steel with everyone there.

Here is what I forged from half of the ingot, like I said it was cracky, so I folded the steel a couple times, there's no real "wootzy" pattern in it, but man is it nice steel :)





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