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Eznic Shop Burned to Ground

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Some of you may remember this shibuichi vase from back in '04 (!), and that it was cast from my pattern by my friend Eznic Karakashian. The photos disappeared from the original post so I'll put some of them here along with the original link. http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=1725&hl=%20shibuichi%20%20vase

I hadn't been in touch with Eznic for about a year-and-a-half. I called him yesterday and he said his shop, barn and other outbuildings burned to the ground about a year ago. Their house was saved.

The shop is rebuilt but all his tools, supplies, molds and business stuff were not insured. So does anyone have wax-working, casting, mold-making, wood-carving tools they're not using? Also $ of course.



Peony Vase(pour).jpgPeony Vase(Jim&Eznic).jpg




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How can we donate Jim?

Let not the swords of good and free men be reforged into plowshares, but may they rest in a place of honor; ready, well oiled and God willing unused. For if the price of peace becomes licking the boots of tyrants, then "To Arms!" I say, and may the fortunes of war smile upon patriots

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Thanks Sam. Eznic is not doing much on the internet so if anyone wants to donate they can send a check or supplies to me and I'll forward it on. You can pm me for my address.





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