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Lethal Beauty Exhibition in Manchester NH

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The Currier Museum in Machester NH has a very nice traveling exhibition called "Lethal Beauty"



I am local and I went over on Saturday with my son. They have several full suits of armour, some nice helmets, some tsuba, and a few swords. No a large exhibit, but some nice examples of the samurai period.


Anybody that's nearby should consider taking exhibit in.


Dave Suitor


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I went on Saturday with my daughters and I thought it was great. I had never been able to see the grain on one of these blades before and now I understand better what everyone is talking about. The clouding and shadows on some of the hamon as well. Several of the swords have been titled significant or important swords by the NBTHK. The late 14th century tachi by Morikage was breathtaking. The Hamon and the swirling grain were awesome. The lighting on the blades is well placed for viewing the details and all the blades are displayed without any furniture on them. All the furniture is displayed, but under or to the side of the blade. The tsuba collection has some excellent examples of different styles and time periods. The admission price is $5 so you can't go wrong.( I would pay five bucks just to stare at the Morikage for as long as I did)


In addition the Currier is a wonderful museum in its own right. The collection holds many well known artists (ie. Monet, Renior, Matisse,Picasso,O'Keeffe, Wyeth and Parish) and the building and galleries are well laid out. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the arts.



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