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Design of future sword

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Hello everyone,


Its been a long time since Ive posted anything here due to work being terribly busy and being unable to finish any of the blades I have started....


But anyway, I teach a 3D modeling class and I began to get a little bored during my down time so I started to design a few options for a sword Im planning to start in a few weeks. Its got some design problems due to the program being a bit uncooperative with me but it lends a good concept of what I plan to do. Im terrible at hand sketching so I use the computer to draw for me, Ill be making more decorative tweaks later but this is what I have figured out so far.


Let me know what you think, any design tips would be welcomed, I dont design swords often and fear I may have missed the porportions for a functional type of blade






Pat B

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Thx for the input guys! And yes Dillon, the way i modeled it caused that to happen. Im just intending this to be a concept rather than a 100% plan set. Ive got a few more ive been practicing with and then plan to recreate some off of measurements from some originals ive inspected.


Jake, the overall was around 32 in with the cross guard being 8 in long. Im rather hit and miss with pommel design, the shape i like but i think its too small perhaps?

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