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Hello all, I had to take a brief break from all of those puukkos (they were starting to drive me a bit nutty) to work on a custom order. The title says it all. I still have to finish the sheath tomorrow but I thought I would share the knife so far. The handle is brass and cocobolo, but the end piece is a chunk of 200 year old walnut I had lying around. The blade is 5160 sanded to a 600 grit satin finish with mirrored edges, and a stainless steel pin. Overall length is 16 inches with a blade length of 9 inches. Thanks for looking!

Robert Burns

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Haha I suppose we will find out once the customer gets his hands on it! This project started as a headache but ended up being one of my favorites. I was able to nearly finish the sheath today but not quite so here is a sneak peak. A point goes to anyone who can guess what wood the sheath is made out of...better quality close ups to some upon completion tomorrow.

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Dillon you are the closest so far, it's douglas fur. I would have liked to use a curly maple but wasn't able to get a large enough piece in time to finish is today.

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