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Hello everyone!


I recently found out about the Steel Baron as a metal supplier. The problem is that it's all the way in the US while I live in The Netherlands, so ordering it from Steel Baron will take quite some time until my order has arrived here.

I was wondering if any of you know a site or a shop where I can get steeltypes like 10XX and other smithing metals in The Netherlands.





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I had no luck trying to order from West Yorks Steel, their idea of what is a 'small quantity' isn't quite the same as mine...


To many industrial suppliers a bladesmith size order is a nuisance and they'll try their best to find reasons not to sell to you.


The steel I ordered from Aldo didn't take long to arrive - two weeks maybe ? ( I live in Spain ) and I liked his attitude towards shipping internationally.

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Jasper, steel from america is not going to take so long to get you. just be patient.


Sid, Ive looked into ordering from west york before but not got so far as to order. We take half ton mild steel orders as normal- what sort of quantity were they interested in? Its quite hard finding a friendly alloys distributor in these parts....


you'll love this....


the other day i was wire wrapping a commision with pure brass wire, the hilt needed 8mm of wire to be fully wrapped up, the reels i had were in four metre lengths so i made an equiry at the local alloys Co, and was quoted £9 per metre + VAT.... ! the 4m reels i had were £1 each....


thats exactly the difficulty you can run into... I promptly told them to pull the other one.

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Hi Josh, I was after some CS70 and they quoted me for several square feet of the stuff in plate form, about £200 worth as I remember.

Small quantity in industrial terms I know, but was too much for me.

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